Oy! The Weather Up Here!

I love Michigan (*whispers to self repeatedly*).  Seriously, I do love it here and I love the fact that we experience all the seasons nature has to offer. However, riding out the transitions between them can be a little rough. We get what I would call “teasers”, when it comes to our daily forecast, during these transition times. It’s kind of like someone starting to tell you a really, really exciting story and then just saying, “oh never mind, I don’t feel like talking about that right now” and then going back to whatever tired old conversation you were having before.

This is me on April 7th, laying out on my deck:

BTW: My shirt says, “Lions, Tigers and Beer, Oh MI! I love that shirt.

Don’t I look happy? The sun is shining, I’m not wearing a coat and I have that big, goofy,  “yeah Spring” smile plastered all over my face. But I was deceived. Spring lied to me.

Here is what that same deck looks like today:

There is no smile on my face today….trust me.

I can certainly complain (obviously), but I shouldn’t be surprised. It happens EVERY year, and if I’m honest that happy lady laying in the sun knew it wouldn’t last…at least not for long. Spring rarely comes and stays on the first visit around these parts. It dips it’s toe in the water a few times before it jumps in all the way. So yeah, that chick on the deck knew, even if she didn’t want to admit it. She was just soaking it up while she had the chance.

Maybe this crazy weather is part of the reason most northerners seem to be so happy go lucky. We know that, in time, even bad situations usually get better. So we are patient and find our joy where we can. Life is just like our weather; if you don’t like it, wait half an hour, it will change.